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PHONE: 01642 913 460

Asgard Wargames is based in Middlesbrough, in the North East of England and supplies to the whole of the UK and Europe via our dedicated webstore. We supply a great range of the worlds greatest table top wargames, from the mighty Warhammer 40,000 to innovative new games like Dropzone Commander. This range is constantly expanding, and our suppliers are always offering exciting new products which we carefully study to ensure we bring the very best quality products to you, the gamer.

Established in 2014, Asgard Wargames is the creation of Steven Johnston, our Managing Director. A hobbyist of more than sixteen years, Steven is devoted to wargaming in all its forms. After years of study and work, Steven finally decided to risk the simple life to bring his passion and his work together, and so set upon the path of the Independent Retailer. Working alongside the Thornaby-based enterprise charity Five Lamps, Steven secured the funding to start up Asgard Wargames in late 2013, met with suppliers from several different wargame companies, and set about locating suitable premises in his home town of Middlesbrough.

Now, the dream has become reality, and Asgard Wargames has arrived, ready and willing to bring the wargame hobby to the high street and beyond. We hope that you find our experience with us, be it virtual or physical, is a great one, and we look forward to supplying your hobby needs for years to come!


Asgard Wargames is located in the north eastern town of Middlesbrough. The store itself carries all of our CORE stock as well as a few extra items not found on the website. We also boast a gaming room giving our customers access to 6 gaming tables  that are free of charge subject to advance booking. To book one of our tables, simply drop us an email or pop in store and we will check availability for you. Large parties and tournaments require at least 1 weeks notice.

Our tables are also modular and can be made into any sizes from 4’x2′, 6’x4’ or 8’x4’ tables for those of you wishing to play larger games. Simply drop in and see us, contact us here on the website or through Facebook to book your spot!